ACLS Drugs

Contains the drugs recommended by the American Heart Associations ACLS algorithms

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The easiest ways to learn the drugs needed to successfully challenge the exam!

The cards are a big hit with our students! They love the way the information is displayed. It makes their learning so much easier.

– community college instructor

What information is on each card?

The Front of the Card
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The Back of the Card
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Information on the Front
Information on the Back
  • color coded by body system
  • brand vs generic name
  • phonetic pronunciation of the generic name
  • pharmacological class
  • available dosage forms and strengths
  • mechanism of action

  • tallMAN lettering
  • look-a-like / sound-a-like drugs
  • ACLS indications
  • DEA schedule
  • narrow therapeutic index drugs
  • hazardous drugs
  • high alert drugs
  • onset of action
  • duration of effect
  • PALS dosing
  • ACLS dosing
  • common adverse effects
  • contraindications
  • drug precautions
  • important notes about the drug

These cards are a favorite of pharmacy technician certification, nursing, and allied health students across the country! They are used by colleges, vocational schools and employers. They will be perfect for your students!

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