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  • 1 – The First Letter of the Generic Name: Used to organize the cards
  • 2 – Identifies if the Drug is an ISMP High Alert Medication: The Institute for Safe Medical Practices (ISMP) identifies drugs that require greater attention from the worker to prevent medical errors that may injure the patient.
  • 3 – Organ System Icon: Used to organize the cardsIdentifies the organ system the drug acts upon.
  • 4 – Generic Name: The name for the drug that is assigned by the United States Adopted Name Council (USAN). This name is used in academics, professional journals, and communication between practitioners.
  • 5 – Phonetic Pronunciation of the Generic Name: Students must be able to pronounce the medications for accurate and proper communication.
  • 6 – Pharmacological Classification of the Drug: Groups drugs by common actions in the body
  • 7 – Rx Rank: Provides a ranking by the number of prescriptions filled in retail pharmacies across the United States.
  • 8 – Dosage Forms: The manner in which drug substances are presented in the marketplace (ie, tablets, capsules, suspension, etc). Identifies drugs that are available in multiple dosage forms.
  • 9 – Brand Names: The name that is developed and assigned by the company requesting approval. This name identifies the compound as the exclusive property of the company while it is under patent. Once a drug is off patent, it may be sold under more than one brand name.